About yogashona 

  • I've been living in Newton Stewart with my three kids since we moved back from Canada in late 2010. I feel blessed to now live in such a stunning little corner of the world.
  • I started practicing yoga regularly after the birth of my third child. I was recently separated, and the lone parent of three little ones. Yoga was an hour and a half of 'me' time every week that really made me feel great and helped me through some very challenging times. I made friends in that class that are still good friends today. Initially I was going to class for the physical benefits I knew I'd get. I became stronger and more flexible. I had no idea that over time, as I began to delve deeper into a variety of practices such as pranayama, meditation and chanting, yoga would become the foundation of my entire life.
  • In 2012 I completed Yoga Scotland's Foundation Course before going on to complete their 500hr Teacher Training Diploma between 2013 and 2015. I have been teaching regularly and adding classes to the weekly schedule schedule.
  • When invited, I have given taster sessions with the NHS, the ARC, Brownies and Guides, stroke survivor support group, fibromyalgia and chronic pain group, Ferry Friends in Creetown, the Monday club, care homes and many of the local primary schools. I am also delighted to now offer a weekly class for students and staff at the Douglas Ewart High School. Everyone can "do" Yoga.
  • There's a lot of planning and admin that goes on behind the scenes of the current weekly schedule and Yoga has helped me become more disciplined and organised to achieve this.  I joyfully raise my three wonderful children who are flourishing into beautiful human beings. Yoga makes me a better, calmer, more present Mum. Raising kids can be a bumpy ride and we’ve all had our fair share of mental health challenges along the way.  Yoga helps us navigate through the anxiety and stress, the sleep struggles and social pressures that go hand in hand with growing up, going to school and using social media.  I’m an avid mountain biker and novice triathlete, and my yoga practice helps me develop the physical and mental toughness required for both.   Entering local sporting events scares me to bits yet challenges me to step outside my comfort zone. Yoga has given me the courage to go there.  I am a level 1 coach in triathlon working with kids and adults at  Newton Stewart Triathlon Club and The Triathlon Trust. I have completed my event organisers course with Triathlon Scotland and I occasionally work with Active Schools and Communities as a sports coach. I am a member of the parent council and actively involved in fundraising for my kids' schools.  
    I enjoy running and swimming, cycling with coffee and cake stops along the way, reading, word puzzles, teaching myself guitar, walks with our dog Bo, and travelling adventures with the kids.