At Yogashona, my goal is to help you move well, feel well and discover how your yoga practice can empower you to lead a healthy, happy, more peaceful life. I'll give you the tools to  become physically stronger and emotionally more resilient and you'll have fun getting to know yourself better along the way!

All you have to do is show up! 

I passionately believe that by showing up consistently on your mat, yoga gives you the tools for deeper self awareness and self development.  It can teach you how to show up for yourself in your life.

So let's practice together soon.

Please bring your own mat and whatever props you may need.  A few yoga blocks and a belt/strap can be really helpful.  You may also want to bring a blanket or extra layers to keep warm during relaxation. 

Your life, your way.


Our most precious resource.  Each class begins with body and breath awareness to develop focus.  You'll learn how the quality of your breath affects your physiology and how to manipulate it using a variety of yogic breathing techniques.  


Many people come to yoga after an injury or illness.  Why wait?  Choose yoga now and be proactive about your physical health.  Become stronger, fitter and more flexible and keep those aches and pains at bay for longer.  I'll help you choose the level that's right for you.  Keep showing up and your progress is inevitable!


In a world that's constantly moving, the chance to be still is invaluable.  This is where we restore what the fast paced world depletes. Each class ends with a delicious guided relaxation to leave you feeling refreshed, restored and ready for your next adventure.  

Your yoga, at your level.


Now is the perfect time to start! Beginners are always welcome. Some people prefer to find their feet in a designated beginners class and some are happy to dive right in to a general level class.  I'm happy to help you figure out the right choice for you.  You're more likely to keep showing up for yourself if you feel like you're achieving and benefitting.  Feel free to move around and try different options till you find the perfect fit.  


This class is for those who don't think they could get down on the floor, or those who want to bring yoga to the office.  Moving through a variety of seated and standing postures and ending with a seated guided relaxation.  This class takes lots of the traditional postures and modifies them to fit a chair practice so it can still be physically demanding! You'll get fit while you sit.


A lovely gentle class for beginners or those for whom a lot of movement isn't suitable. You'll move your body through a variety of postures at a manageable pace with lots of space for breathing and resting. Class ends with a guided relaxation. 


This is a great class for those who've got yoga experience or who have a reasonable level of fitness and are free of injuries. A steady paced class with lots of movement where we flow continuously from one posture to the next. You'll take your body through all directions, so you'll definitely be ready to lie down and enjoy the guided relaxation by the end.  


Taking inspiration from the Vinyasa style of yoga, this is the most physically demanding of the classes.  Moving swiftly through a variety of poses and multiple rounds of sun salutations, building to a challenging peak posture that may include arm balances and inversions, before winding down toward a guided relaxation.  You'll work up a sweat and feel like you've earned the rest at the end. 


This is a slower paced, longer class on the last Saturday of each month.  Fewer postures held for 3-5 minutes each for a deeper stretch, followed by a longer guided relaxation.  Don't be fooled into thinking slower necessarily means easier.  This class will leaved you feeling wonderfully stretched out and chilled out. 

Start your journey now.