At Yogashona, my goal is to help you move well, feel well and discover how a regular yoga practice can help you feel better in yourself and your life!  

Since I began practicing almost 14 years ago, yoga has completely transformed my life. It's helped me overcome addiction, build a thriving business and completely change my approach and outlook on life. 

Now, I help others who want to do the same.  Yoga's a system that provides an effective, empowered, holistic approach to cultivating good health.  

In our weekly classes together, I'll share with you the tools and practices you need to become physically stronger and emotionally more resilient.  You might even find it naturally begins to replace your old unhealthy ways of coping with the stresses, setbacks, obstacles and emotional pain that life inevitably brings.  And, you'll have fun getting to know yourself better along the way! 

Please bring your own mat and whatever props you may need.  A few yoga blocks and a belt/strap can be really helpful.  (a limited number are available to borrow) You may also want to bring a blanket or extra layers to keep warm during relaxation. 



Our most under rated resource that impacts health.  Each class begins with body and breath awareness to develop focus.  You'll be amazed at how you can change how you feel by changing how you breathe as you learn a variety of yogic breathing techniques.  


Most people come to yoga as a way to exercise. You'll become stronger, fitter and more flexible and keep those aches and pains at bay for longer.  It's also through movement that we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves which will ultimately lead to our growth and transformation.   


In a world that's constantly moving, the chance to be still is invaluable.  This is where we restore all that life in a hectic world depletes. Each class ends with a delicious guided relaxation to leave you feeling refreshed, restored and ready for whatever's coming your way.  



In this mixed level class you'll learn the fundamentals of a complete yoga practice.  Each class begins by developing focus, then you'll move through a range of postures sitting, standing or lying down.  These change from week to week.  Expect focused breathing and a guided relaxation to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.  You'll enjoy moving your body in new and invigorating ways.  This is a great all round class and beginners are welcome to join any time.


This class is for those who don't think they could get down to - or back up from - the floor.  Moving through a variety of seated and standing postures and ending with a seated guided relaxation.  This class takes lots of the traditional postures and modifies them to fit a chair practice so it can still be physically demanding!  Lots of variations are offered to allow you to practice taking account of any injuries or physical restrictions you may have.


Taking inspiration from the Vinyasa style of yoga, this is the most physically demanding of the classes.  Moving swiftly through a variety of poses and multiple rounds of sun salutations, building to a challenging peak posture.  You'll have fun challenging yourself and growing in strength and confidence as you learn more demanding shapes which may include arm balances and inversions.  You'll feel like you've earned the rest at the end. This is suitable for those who are injury free and who have a firm grasp of the fundamentals. 


This is a slower paced class that guides you towards stillness for deep release and relaxation.  Fewer postures held for longer bring about a deeper more passive stretch, followed by a longer guided relaxation.  Don't be fooled into thinking slower necessarily means easier.  You'll discover this is challenging in ways you may not be used to.  This midweek class is an excellent choice that will leaved you feeling wonderfully stretched out and chilled out. Suitable for most, including those with pain, inflammatory conditions, anxiety or depression and especially those for whom lots of movement may not be suitable.